Lamberts Pure Starflower Oil 1000mg


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  • Starflower seeds have the highest GLA level of any plant

  • Each1000mg capsule provides a guaranteed 220mg of GLA

  • One a day formula

  • Suitable for vegetarians
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    Product Description

    Starflower (borage) seeds have the highest Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) level of any plant material, and these capsules have a guaranteed level of 220mg GLA, making this product one of the strongest available. The advantage of this is that only one capsule per day needs to be taken which means it is a good alternative for those currently taking a lot of evening primrose oil.

    GLA is the precursor of a particularly important prostaglandin called PGE1, which takes part in regulating the nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems, skin condition and other biological functions. Whilst the body can make GLA from Linoleic Acid (the Omega 6 fatty acid present in vegetable oils) this conversion is sometimes slow or partially blocked. Hence, a dietary source of GLA can be very useful to the body in by-passing the conversion process, and numerous clinical trials have established that GLA supplements can be effective in certain situations.

    This product can be recommended to:

    • women going through the menopause
    • women at the time of their period
    • anyone wishing to keep their skin in good condition.

    Daily intake: 1 capsule

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