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This product may be used in one of two ways:

  • (i) as a food supplement and

  • (ii) as a taste test to indicate zinc status.

  • (i) As a food supplement: Take one 5ml spoonful of Zincatest® daily. You may wish to dilute this liquid in water or orange juice.

  • (ii) As a taste test to indicate zinc status: Take the test at least one hour after food or drink. Simply add 5ml of Zincatest® solution to 60ml of water and immediately swirl one 5ml spoonful of the diluted mixture around in the mouth for 10 seconds (this mixture can then be swallowed or spat out).

The taste sensation that results from this test provides an indication of zinc status:

  • 1. Tasteless like water: Low.

  • 2. Slightly dry furry mineral-like or even sweet taste develops after a few seconds: Marginally Low.

  • 3. Definite taste which intensifies with time: Marginally Positive. 4. Strong unpleasant taste noticed immediately: Positive. If response corresponds to 1 or 2 above use a zinc supplement or Zincatest® until response improves to 3 or

  • 4. A 3 to 6 month course may be necessary.

  • A fresh solution should be made up each time a test is required.

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Product Description

Maximum Absorption

  • Zincatest® is a simple non-invasive test, which gives an indication of zinc status
  • Zincatest®can also be given as a zinc supplement
  • Ideal for those who find tablets and capsules difficult to swallow

Usage & Administration

Children: Slowly suck 3 lozenges daily. Adults: Up to 7 lozenges daily.

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